Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I am wondering what is going on in Bellas head today. When she wasn't bolting around the house she was getting very clingy and wanting to just cuddle on my knee. Right now she is sleeping on my legs and she gives me a look when I move them. 
Sorry Bella I'm cramping up I have to move.
She even climbed up the curtain tie back trying to get to me while I was outside. I'm getting worried now about leaving her to go away in September. 
What do you think?


  1. She probably knows you have plans, animals do not like anything that isn't routine.

  2. You might think about getting her a friend before she becomes like Reba, (only child/kitty syndrome) It helps with her energy level. And gives a snuggle buddy. When the kiks were growing up I had 3 and all were sleeping with me at night. Maybe that is why I don't sleep at night any more. humm?

  3. She might just be cold maybe ??
    Ask me about dogs Angela, I know about dogs !

  4. I am sure that Miss Bella is just being clingy because it is cold and you are nice and warm. Pops always wants to see me if I am around and will follow me around the garden.

    I had to leave her in a cattery for six weeks when I moved, she was fine. She will miss you while you are away, but I am sure will be fine. If I was you Angela, I would leave her a tshirt or pyjamas that have your scent on for her to snuggle with, as Miss Pops loves sleeping on mine.

    Julie and Poppy Q