Sunday, July 21, 2013

An island adventure

Now that hubby can drive again, yeahhhh, we decided to go to Phillip island and have some lunch. I love to eat fish and chips on the beach, but it was very windy so we settled for souvalakis in the car parked at the each. Lol. We then drove to the nobbies to hae a look at the water. It's a beautiful sight and an important area for the local wildlife. The penguin parade is just next door but we didn't stay long enough to see them.

on the way back I kept seeing signs for a trout farm so we headed in to have a look. It's a very nicest up with outdoor and indoor pools. We decided to fish indoors. Isn't it great.
the water runs down this water fall and goes into the pool and is recycled back up again.

hubby catching our dinner. And the unlucky fish. Is cooking now on the BBQ and it smells delicious.
Have a great week everyone.
See ya


  1. What a grand day out, and a tasty dinner. We are sticking close to home tonight, as lots of earthquakes here in the shaky city.

    Julie and Poppy q

  2. Yay for the license back! Looks like a nice day and a dandy trout!

  3. what a way to catch your dinner - just about guaranteed you will be fed. SMILE.
    Love Leanne

  4. Some excellent shots there Angela x