Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Darn cat

Bella has decided that me staying in bed and using my iPad is the perfect time for her to attack my feet. So looked so cute concentrating that I took a photo with my phone.
this is the look I got after the flash distracted her. Not happy jan!
Needless to say she attacked ferociously to pay me back.
So now I'm out of bed and getting some stuff done around the place, jeez no rest for the wicked here.
See ya


  1. The look on her face could be dangerous! Lol!

  2. Your attacker is very cute!!! Enjoy that kitten stage, they get much lazier as they get older.

    Julie and poppy Q

  3. Hi Angela,
    Oh boy, your Bella is a cat with real personality!
    Such lovely photos.

    Thank you for leaving your comment on my recent post. I hadn't realised you'd gotten another blog address and was thinking you were having a long break!!
    I left a long response to your comment there, I hope it helps in some way.
    Cheers now :D)

  4. Hello Angela
    Now whatever did you do to get given a look like that lol
    Definitely - Not happy Jan moment if ever there was one!
    Having problems with my new look over at w/press so commenting via blogger