Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morning routine

Every morning I clean the kitty litter and cat area. I put down clean blankets under her feed area and her litter tray. A quick spray of glen 20 and she is set for another day.
Her dirty blankets are in the was now and will be hung up to dry under the back veranda to be used again another day.
dinner is on and cooking slowly for tonight. We hare bing w sausage casserole using beef sausages
And vegetables I had frozen from my summer garden. I also added a devilled  sausages  mix to give it some extra flavour. I don't use a recipe just bung in what ever I have. I might cook some pasta or rice to have with it!
Then a sit outside to enjoy a cup of coffee and bask in the winter sun. We have been having lovely sunny days, which really gladdens the heart. 
What is your morning routine like?
See ya


  1. Drag out of bed when Jill whines that her back teeth are floating. Feed the cat, feed and water the dogs, and because today is garbage day I set that out. Both dogs must 'help'. It goes downhill from there. DH is off working - It's after 9:00 p.m. here and I am still in my robe. I really didn't accomplish anything. :D

  2. Fall out of bed. Crawl to the loo. Crawl to the kitchen. make coffee. drink coffee. try to think of 5 reasons not to go back to bed. crawl to shower. xxx

  3. I get up around 6.40, feed Miss Pops then head for the shower. Get ready, have something to eat and then head off to work after 8am. Not very exciting.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. I'm up at 4am, which is my computer time, make packed lunch for Brnet, get James up and cracking on his homeschool. Feed animals, and cats, washing, plan dinner. Usually quite busy in the mornings.
    Love Leanne