Thursday, December 5, 2013


We are going away for the weekend camping. And yes we are taking the big van not the trailercamper. I have been busy. Cooking and buying supplies for three days. We didn't have power for most of the day as the power company shut it off to work on the power poles in our street, so I spent most of the day at the shopping centre. The last of the Christmas shopping has been done and I even got a few new things for me!
I have now lost nine kilos so I did need a few new tops as my old ones are kinda hanging on me. I have to look nice Christmas day!
So washing is now on and dinner is cooking and tomorrow afternoon we take off.
I'm taking my quilt with me so I can finish hand stitching the binding, then it's another project finished.
I finished the yellow doll, she now has all her frills and a face and when I get back I'll finish the pink one then I'll take a photo of both and show you how they look.
Have a greqt weekend everyone, see you next week

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  1. Have fun. You amaze me at al the projects you can finish. Look forward to hearing of your new adventures. :)