Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend away

We left home Friday afternoon to go camping in the yarra valley, it was promising to be a nice weekend  weatherise. 
Saturday dawned and the sky was a beautiful blue and the temp was rising.
after going 4x4 driving we girls decided to head off and see cascade falls.
We walked down about 500 meters from the road and saw these magnificent falls.
on the way down leanne was leading the way as she has been there before, but about half way dewn she jumped back up a step almost ontop of me and I thought she had seen a snake they way she moved. But no she just got startled by this echidna trying to climb back up into his burrow.
We all got in close to get a photo then left him alone as he really was a little panicked by this stage, I mean who likes the paparazzi! Three women all taking photos with their phones as just too much.
Then at night we had this fantastic fire and after a feast of roast beef and vegetables all cooked in camp ovens over this fire we settled down and relaxed.
Really is there anything better than mother nature, a hearty meal cook lever a fire and best friends.
No I don't think so either.
See ya

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