Thursday, December 26, 2013

That was Christmas

So Christmas is over for another year. Christmas day was spent at my sister in laws house for my hubby's side of the family, was thrilled that both my children were able to attend before going to their respective inlaws. The younger cousins are always happy to see them.
Then today we had my family all at my mothers house.
So now I'm home I've had a nice relaxing bath and im resting.
It's nice to catch up with everyone, and although it was hot, it wasn't too over the top so I was able to deal with it without any help from pain killers.
I hope you have enjoyed you're time with family and friends, and now to relax until new years. What ever you do stay safe.
See ya


  1. Thank you my dear Angela! Wishes of joy and love to you and yours!

  2. I am spending Xmas with you next year Angela. Whinge Whine Groan Bitch- Family................oh dear it was pretty tense indeed. Not enough wine on the planet.

    1. Lisa you gave me Somme very good advice about dealing with family years ago. And I still follow it. I was wingeing about how they always push my buttons and you told me its because I let them. I'm getting better at not letting them. So thanks!