Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Myer Christmas window

Today I was invited to go with my sister in law and two nieces to go into the city and see the myer Christmas window.
Every year myer has a different display and they are spectacular. I haven't seen the myer window in years. I think the last time was when I was a child. I never did take mine in to see it. 
I know bad mother!
The story this year was about a ginger bread baby and his journey to find a friend.

He set off riding a chicken to find a friend

and met many people but none would be his friend.
Until he found some ginger bread people and they became his friends.
It was very seet and the windows were very well done. Things moved, the story telling was animated and they younger kids loved it.
I think when I get grandkids I may start a tradition of me taking them to see the window, because when your the parents time just gets away from you and you just don't get there.

So after a bit of shopping, got a nice pair of summer shoes, we had a late breakfast at the pancake parlour and headed back home. It was a lovely summer day and we all had fun.
See ya


  1. Angela, I used to take my kids and then my grandkids every year to see the windows when I lived in Canberra. I often think about how excited they were as we would go at night when they were all lit up. See that big fox in the second last picture? That's what I encounter every morning in my yard. The cheeky bugger just sits and stares me out untill I bring Lucy out. The he jumps the fence and slowly ambles away, still looking at me as if to say ..."see you tomorrow". He looks exactly the same. Creepy. Happy Christmas to you and the family. Hugs Sue

    1. He sounds like a very cheeky fellow, happy Christmas you you and your family.