Friday, December 27, 2013

My first Lacey shawl

I've finished my first shawl, I think it turned out ok. It's very delicate and would be nice to wear out or I'm thinking I'll put it away for a baby.
It used the whole of the 200 grams ball of pure wool I had. Being 4ply it felt like it took ages to knit. I'll probably make one out of 8ply for me and make the other three balls of 4ply as baby shawls to be out away for the day my babies start having babies!
Well what do you think?
See ya


  1. Very pretty shawl Angela, you have done a fantastic job with it. Wish I had the patience to make something like this. I tend to make small things so I actually get them finished lol!

    Happy New Year, hope it is a good one!

  2. Too clever for words dear Angela. Beautiful work.xx