Tuesday, February 11, 2014


We in Victoria have had a string of very hot and dry weather. All over the news we have been told that the conditions we now face are worse than those that caused the bush fires that killed 173 people five years ago. But people don't listen and 12 fires have been deliberately lite. Other fires have been caused by lightening strikes even though we got no rain and some due to winds knocking down power lines. 
How ever they have started once again Victoria is burning and today their is smoke in the air. That first photo is of the sun. It doesn't do it justice. The sun is red through the smoke. 
Please everyone stay safe, and if you see something suspicious call the police, these fire bugs must be stopped.


  1. I know what I'd like to do with then once they're caught! Very smoky smelly over our way - it would be worse where you are

  2. if I could ship some snow your way I would you know!!! I have plenty and it's all free!

    Thanks for the advice about a pin code in my phone; but I have NO IDEA what so ever where to even start with that. I tell you that bloody smart phone is smarter than me!!