Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines day

We normally don't get into all the hype but today hubby bought me a valentines day gift. All I got him was a small box of chocolates. I got this!
he said he. Ought it because it had an owl in it. Ohhhh I love owls 
and a bunch of roses  also some chocolates that I will let him eat 
I think the fact that Wonderson had roses delivered to his fiancé at work may have made him feel guilty.
Have a great valentines day everyone, remember its not about the stuff but loving each other everyday that matters 


  1. aww you have raised your son well! I bet his girlfriend thinks so too!

  2. Nothing like someone else putting the guilt on the old man, eh? Lovely gift and I think your owl is adorable!

  3. A gorgeous lot of gifts... love your owl too :D)