Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peer pressure

Ok I admit it. I fell for the hype and bowed to peer pressure. I bought a coffee machine. 
It's not one like George cloonie advertises, its the one from Aldi. I had hubby with me and he was like yeah just get one. He loves gadgets. Then the big decision. Which flavour to try. And hubby again pipes up and says just get one of each. 
Now you know why I go shipping on my own. 
So I have tried the light chocolate, very yummy. And the reggio. I'm impressed. 
Baby girl visited today and she had two of the chocolates. She loved it. 
So there you go, even the best of us have week monuments every now and again.
So who's for a cuppa?


  1. I love coffee. No, i adore it. Once, while dieting, most of my meals consisted of lattes! I did n't mind!
    Especially iced coffees, they are my favorites! IWhile breastfeading, i drink a couple of cups per day, but not from the good stuff! Once i stop i will drink a gazillion espressos.I won't stop till i start shaking!
    I love your mashine! You will definitely enjoy it!!!!

    1. While in Greece I fell in love with the frappes as it was very hot. They were soooo good lol

  2. does it get piping hot? As I tried dd machine and was disappointed in the temperature it wasn't hot enough for me.

    1. No Gill its doesn't get pipping hot, but hot enough that you cannot just drink it. So hot enough for me. In the book it says to forget your drinks hotter to preheat your cups. But I can't drink it if it's too hot.