Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pretty flowers

Some oleanders

my lillypilly tress, these will turn into beautiful red berries during winter. The chickens love them!
and some of my roses. You can see the burns on them from the heat. I tried to pick the ones less affected.


  1. Such pretty flowers. I had heard of Oleanders, but Lillypilly...um... that's a new one on me. All that beauty, sigh, I have fog and brown right now.

  2. Oleander did well even thrived in the heat - have brown leaves on Lillypilly which will shed and be renewed once the rains come - the roses have had a hAir cut so it'll be a fe weeks before we have more blooms. Is that pink double Margaret Rose ?

    1. I honestly cannot remember cathy, it was planted about eight years ago. Lol