Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter is coming

Winter is coming and it's coming quickly if todays weather is any indication. It's rather cool and wet here. So yesterday our knitting group decided to start making blankets to give to the salvation army so they can distribute them to the homeless.
I've started making mine by making four squares which I will sew together and then go around all of them with a boarder until they are big enough.
We should have a dozen to send off by the end of next week. 
Has the weather changed at your place?


  1. No, it's still cold here. You giving me hope for spring though. :) I love what you are doing. Such a joy to know you will be keeping some one warm for years with, something you created. hugs.

  2. Hello Angela
    Actually it's not too bad here in the eastern suburbs - no rain yesterday, bright and sunny and even warm in the afternoon. Cool overnight though as in put an extra blanket on the bed and get out the hottie for my feet lol
    Thanks for your comment today - as they say 'this too will pass' just was a bit if a shock to hear. Thanks again for your thoughts
    Take care