Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yet another camper

Hubby has convinced me we needed another camper trailer as the one he bought off the net was too hard on his body. 
Well I could of told him that! We looked and looked at second had penguins but non had everything we wanted and were almost the same price as a brand new one.
Se we bit the bullet and ordered a new one with everything we wanted, needed, to make camping out bush as comfortable as possible. 
It's estimated time of arrival will be the end of May.
This is one they had in the showroom, apparently the new design puts the bed in the back and the kitchen in the front, mirror image.
I don't care, as long as its easy to put up, which it is, and the bed is comfortable.
This camper will be used for going bush, while my nice big van will be used for those extended trips around Australia. 
Which we are planning on doing another big trip next year!
So there you go, in the end its just better to buy the best you can afford because that way your body will thank you.
The kids will be able to borrow this one too, so they are excited 
See ya

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  1. I agree, buy the best your budget allows and you will be happier. It looks comfortable and I am sure you will love it!