Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More smoke

Heading south towards dromana. It's very smokey and lots of cars have their lights on and it was only around 6.00 pm. 
Rain has been forecast for tomorrow, let's hope they get lots where they need it to help put  out the fires 


  1. I hope you get your rains, but no floods! All that smoke is bad for the lungs.

  2. Sharon's right - I found I was croaky yesterday - not quite so bad today ( Thursday )
    How are you going? Feeling better now it's cooled down a little?

  3. Yes the eyes burn and the lungs hurt and the throat is croaky, but thank goodness that's as bad as it is here. The weather is cooler but we really need rain. Ite so dry I hate looking at the brown paddocks. Roll on winter please!