Saturday, July 12, 2014

Long day ahead

It's five o'clock Saturday morning here. I've been up feed the cat put wood in both fires and have my first load of washing in the machine. 
I can hear don snoring in the bed room as I mentally list all the things I want to get done today 
I have a jelwery party this afternoon and a games night at my sister in laws tonight
Other than that it's a day of getting stuff done at home as the expected top is only 11 with lots of rain. 
I'm very sore after a alight accident yesterday while making my bed, but hopefully as I get moving it will get better.
What's on your list for today
What ever it is have a great weekend and if you live I'm the winter part of this world stay warm 
See ya


  1. Sorry about the cool rain. As soon as the sun goes further down here, I have to go out blueberry picking. It really isn't too hot, 32C, but my skin is photosensitive. Game night, sounds like fun!

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