Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mrs brown D'Movie

Have just got back from seeing mrs brown D'Movie. I found it very well done. I laughed. I cried and enjoyed it immensely. I loved spotting all the people I knew. Photos of Brendon's mum, his grandson and I even spotted. Chickie granddads real life wife! 
As others have said. No it's not like the series but really did you want it to be. I loved the story line and buster really steals the show. 
Rory is fabulous especially in the swimming scene. Omg I just laughed seeing him in his mankinin. What a brave man. 
So if you want an afternoons entertainment that isn't too serious give it a go. You won't be disappointed. For those that have read the books. It's the little things that stand out. Cathys necklace. The pictures and the struggle of the Moore street traders. 
Highly recommend it 


  1. i didn;t know there were books.

    1. Yes leanne. There are a few. If you do a search for Brendan o Carroll. You will get the names of th books. I found them on amazon and got them on my kindle but I'm sure you can get them anywhere now. I'm just impatient and I wanted them then and there lol