Monday, July 7, 2014

Pannys chocolate factory

On our last day we visited the chocolate factory. Another attraction I've been diving past for over thirty years but never saw. Inside everything was made of chocolate! Here we have a town with trains that run run through it
Here is the town. You can see th trains
Leanne and Bec making the trains go around. You have to turn the handle
There were games too. For every wooden ball you got you could exchange it for chocolate. Here is Millie reading the instructions. 
We even saw a chocolate waterfall. Yummy!
There was a spot that you could input your ingredients and it would make a blurb for the chocolate that you invented. Can you see mine! Every month they pick one and acually make it. They send you an email and you can come in and buy it. How exciting would that be lol
And my favourite desert. Chocolate moose.  Hahahah
We had a ball. Just like kids in a candy store 
See ya

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