Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It's a quarter to eleven am here in South East Melbourne   And this is the view from my back door. So very foggy. Thick and grey and yucky. Just looking at it makes you cold. But it is cold. Still only about six degrees Celsius. I have lit the second fire as my washing from two days ago still isn't totally dry. And I have more to do. So the damp towels are now hanging on the backs of chairs near the second fire and I'm going to put dons clothes on the clothes horses. 
Winter was late coming buy boy is she making herself felt now. I don't mind the cold really. At least I do have the option of lighting another fire. Ad even if I have to I have the central heating as well. Although it isn't as nice a heat. And of course it's perfect for snuggling under blankies and having a hot cuppa with the ones you love. 
At least it isn't raining
What's the weather like at your place?
See ya


  1. Wow, learned something new. I have never seen it take 2 days for cloths to dry. So I have never experienced an environment like yours. Do you have high mold levels. You can pm me more details. Thank you for sharing. I love to learn of environments I never experienced.

  2. We were a bit luckier this morning and it had all burned off by 10am - turned into a great day. But so so cold. Do hope you managed to get the washing dry in the end,
    Yes thankfully it isn't raining - had enough of that haven't we lol

  3. I love fog. I rarely get to see it. We have here a lot of humidity. In the winter trying to make clothes to dry can be a fight against time before we have to wash them all over again.
    You have such an upbeat approach towards cold. I hate cold. I can take all the heat of the greek summer, never needing to open the ac but in the winter i am miserable. It is impossible for me to feel warm.

  4. It looks much like winter here, and oh, but how I dread it. In two months, it will be fall, and then will come the rains and the clouds, and I don't how to do anything but endure it.

  5. I hope you'll get to go to the zoo very soon!! ;-)