Thursday, July 31, 2014

Progress report

As you probably know. I have an engagement party for my son next month and a wedding in three months for my daughter so I decided many months ago to change the way I looked. Lol
So I am now down 20 kilos
Pain levels are down by about 20% most days
I started going to the local pools
At first we just barely walked around in the water for half an hour then slowly got out and it would take me about another twenty minutes to get dressed. Such was my pain
We did this once a week and it took me the whole week to recover!
Now we go three times a week
We spend an hour in the water
And I can do laps of the pool
It first took me eight minutes just to do fifty meters!
Today I took five minutes to do 100 meters!!
I now walk out of the pool like a normal person
And I'm dressed and out the door when I finish in under ten
So yeah me
Oh yeah. I'm down four dress sizes
So I'll be posting pics of my at the engagement for you guys to see
Still dealing with pain. But it's much easier when you know that you have acheived something for the day.
Brag moment over 
See ya


  1. Wonderful achievement! Good for you!

  2. Well done! It does make you feel a whole lot better just achieving small bits at a time doesn't it? Keep it up girl! xx

  3. Congratulations!!! I hope the pain will soon go away completely!!!

  4. Hello Angela
    I thought you weren't posting any more then realised your blog wasn't showing up in my wordpress reader. Have had to subscribe to another' reader and add other blogs I've missed out on.
    Anyway congrats on all that hard work you've been doing - you'll certainly be the belle of these two balls!

  5. Great achievement Angela! Nothing like a wedding to prompt some weight loss. I bet you feel so much better now :)