Thursday, March 19, 2015

A new project

I'm using the pattern I learnt making the last shawl to crochet a baby blanket. The yarn is so light it almost looks like a doily. 
But I will continue until it's large enough for a baby wrap. 
This is one that will be put away for the day my babies have babies of their own 
Hot and windy today but there is rain coming. 
Perfect for sitting inside with a project in your hands and an audio book to listen too 
See ya


  1. Definitely hot - definitely windy - and the rain definitely came. We had torrential bucket loads about 4pm cleared up for a bit then came down heavier than before. Cooler now (8.15pm) think it might come down again before the night is over

  2. that is lovely Angela, I will be showing a photo of how my knitting is coming on tomorrow (Friday) on my blog. I may be having a learn to crochet lesson next week, nothing has been finalized yet though.