Monday, March 16, 2015

Getting my mojo back

I have been feeling like getting my hands dirty again. I know not to go all in so I thought I'd pot up some hanging baskets for my front veranda. 
I decided on carpet roses as in the summer this are gets very hot in the afternoons and roses are pretty hardy. As you can see I miscounted and got five pots but I needed six. So I had to go back into Cranbourne with hubby to get another. He was doing a parts run. 
I blame fibro fog because I'm very sure I counted six!
But anyway it's all done now. All I have to do is get hubby to hang them for me 
There are two red, two pink and two white ones. So they will look very nice when they next flower.
So getting my hands back into the earth, felt very good. I think I'm slowly getting the old Angela back and I'm very happy about that 
See ya 


  1. I love hanging baskets! Mine are not very successful except for the indoor ones which thrive. But the Athens summer Sun and the winds dry them out very quickly. Maybe i should try roses too!
    Have a blessed week!

    1. Roses are very hardy and carpet roses spread so it should look nice with them draping. I added the water crystals so they absorb a lot of water and help stop the plant drying out.

  2. good for you. never thought of putting roses in a hanging basket?