Saturday, March 21, 2015

Baby update

Bella and Agatha are fast becoming BBF's.  They eat together and play together.
I had just got home from being out all day and they both came to say hi mummy, but the dogs were also trying to get my attention. Here they are looking at the back door and not being bothered by the noisey puppies 
And agatha is learning to sit nicely while I knit and not grab or play with the yarn. This way she will get attention. If she plays with the yarn she gets taken away and no attention at all. 
So as you can see she has settled in nicely and slipped into our home and hearts. 
Now I won't feel so bad leving them at home while we go away. Our beautiful daughter will be here everyday working so she will spend time with them and feed and clean up after them. But I still was apprehensive leving bella alone for so many hours a day. But now they have each other and by the time baby girl and wonderson both come and visit them they will get lots of cuddles and I'm sure they won't miss me at all 
Enjoy the weekend what ever you do 
See ya


  1. that's so good that they are getting along.....

  2. That is good news Angela, they haven't taken long to learn to get along together.