Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stage two complete

We attached the black plastic around the inside today 
We added extra screws because we won't be able to do the next stage of filling for at least a week. But if you fill the same day you don't need to add so many on the inside 
How they look this will help protect the tops as well and save me getting splinters 
What do you think. I think they look great
We had terrible storms here last night but fortunately there was no damage. We did lose power for about five hours over night. How did you all go. Hope your all well and are enjoying your Sunday
See ya 


  1. all looking good. Still Saturday here as I type this!!

  2. Looks like you are making wicking beds. Thats great.

    1. No they will just be raised garden beds. I just can't get down anymore. Hopefully they will be ready to plant out soon

  3. I like them, Angela. will be looking forward to seeing how well the veges grow. This weekend Petal and I are picking up some interesting items to do the same. I may see if I can share some pics when we're done. Sue x