Monday, March 2, 2015

My new baby

Meet agatha. She is a rescue I acquired yesterday. She stole my heart and I had to bring her home
Bella was very put out and didn't want to talk to me or the kitten. But this morning they are interacting although it is very warily. 
They are playing cat and mouse and she one is stalking the other it's all good until they get too close. Then it's like are you playing or are you really going to attack me? But they  are getting better and better
So now we are a two fur baby family. 
Just like old times really. Only more fur and less talking back haha
Getting ready to go swimming. Back to the routine of the week
Have a good one y'all 
See ya xx


  1. What a sweetie Agatha is. I am sure she is going to settle in well. You tell miss Bella to behave herself.

    Julie and Poppy Q