Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Yeah pots are up!
I was going to try and put them up myself. Because really how hard would it be. But hubby caught me walking away from the workshop with the drill and followed me back to the house. When he saw what I was doing he very sternly said no he would do it lol
I'm glad because really it's hard wood and even with the hole predrilled he still had to push hard to get the hook in
But I'm so happy it's done. Now sitting and admiring my handiwork 


  1. Will you keep taking photos of them throughout the season, as I said before I have never seen roses in a hanging basket before and I want to see what they look like in full bloom.

    My dh would have the same reaction if he saw me with a drill in my hand!!

    1. Lol they are funny, they worry so much. I will take pics as they grow. Hopefully by next spring they will look fabulous