Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fruit trees

Over the weekend we planted these four fruit trees. 
We are slowly replacing the ones we lost when I was as my sickest 
Hubby is now on board and will help me whenever I cannot look after them. Makes it much easier than doing it all yourself. 
After planting the four we purchased these three. We can't wait to taste  the nectarine cross plumb. We will plant them over the next weekend. 
Do you have fruit trees? How are they going?
It's a slow process but we will get back to where we were a few years ago. 
See ya


  1. I think you have the battle of growing fruit trees half won - now that you are not the only one trying to keep the young trees going. Some folks think you shove them in the ground and a few years later you have fruit. Just like kids, it takes more than on lone soul to nurture them into fruiting.

    My peach trees are just pretty in the spring. I have some kind of mold spore thingy in the ground and the fruit is ruined every year. I was unable to prune the mold off of the branches and pick up every single fruit to carry off the mold when it first appeared. I had no help. Now, the trees are pretty. Period. The mold is in the ground and I was told will never be good for peaches again.

    The apple tree is pretty in the spring too. It needs pruning badly, but it will not happen. The horses like the fruit, but what we get is the most tasteless fruit.

    The plum is also pretty, but it's too close to the apple. The pear tree was developed to be pretty, not for edible fruit. The branches were weak and it was unsafe in the yard. It finally was cut down last year. My fig trees bore fruit one year and the past two years have been frozen out to start again from the roots, but the saps are weak and don't hold up to the wind and weather. I will not replant. I am getting too old for this now. The grapes need help, but alone, they will be left to fend for themselves. For some reason, the blueberries are bearing like crazy - it's just too hot to pick them.

    I'm glad you are getting some new stock planted, with care they should give you years of eating pleasure! I have over twenty years on you - so I have pretty much given up on growing, tending, and caring for the goodness that comes from the earth. Wishing you the best!

    1. I think if I was older I would of given up too. But I thought give it one more go. And yes now hubby is on board it should be better. A pretty tree is always welcome in my yard. So it's not a waste I say. Any tree growing is good for the environment.

  2. I've just bought a William's pear too. I've never tried growing pears before but I have nectarine, apple and plum trees. I'm in the planning stages of my backyard orchard and it's very exciting!