Thursday, July 2, 2015

Very chilly weather

Although the sun is shining it is cold today. I'm rugged up even while sitting inside! 
We have has a lot of rain over night and this huge puddle is the result. It will Drain by the end of the day. We have the caravan set up as while the bathroom was being painted we used the shower in that. The laundry is next to be painted, so we are leaving the van out front so I can use the washing machine   
Is like having a spare house isn't it lol 
Road works continue. The boys are either working hard or hardly working. I'm not sure which sometimes. But they are making progress and very soon we will have a bitumen road out the front. Yeahhhh no more dirty cars! 
How's the weather at your place. Are you freezing like we are or cooking like those in Europe? 
See ya xx


  1. I have often wished I had an extra house when we repainted or remodeled or even when family traffic was heavy.
    Wow, no more dirt road! Less dust in the house, too.
    We had a cool day, I picked about a quart of blueberries with no sweat!

  2. Here we have a very weird weather for greek July. It is cool and sometimes rainy and often cloudy. It has been like that for a while. Brightest blessings my dear sister.

  3. Freezing with a great desire to cook!
    Tomorrow won't be any better either!

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    1. Too many mistakes...had to delete it, Angela! :-)


  5. Well we think it's freezing but compared to temperatures in the southern states, it's probably more like Spring :-). Getting ready for house guests from Saturday so have to do some cooking.

  6. Hi Angela
    The weather here has been on the coolish side. Just last weekend my husband was saying - it's the end of June and I'm in a fall jacket to go outside. This weekend promises to to take a turn for the warmer. When that happens my activity level takes a turner for the slower! lol I do so enjoy your pictures - wordless Wednesday is awesone. :) Enjoy your weekend and stay warm.