Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Updating and replacing

The old laundry trough. It has seen better days
A nice new one. No rust and no holes and hopefully no leaks.  I forgot to take a before shot but it was pretty bad too lol. Once it's been tiled the new taps will go on. The match the ones in the bathroom. 
These are the old ones. You just cannot get them white anymore. They are about fifteen years old though so they have had a good run. 
The shiny new chrome ones. The large white tiles will also go in the laundry. We have leftovers so no money needed there. 
So a big thank you to our son in law. He did a mighty fine job.
See ya 


  1. I kind of like the old white faucet set.
    I like the new laundry sink! Yes, hopefully no leaks.

    1. Lol Sharon they were not white anymore. Kinda and aged yellow hahaha these will be much easier to keep clean