Thursday, July 16, 2015

Laundry Reno

New laundry trough and wall tiles
Fresh paint 
And the last time I'll have to look at these. The tiler is coming hopefully tomorrow. I'll have to use my little washing machine for a few days yet. But boy will it be worth it. 
Off to a funeral this morning. An elderly neighbour has passed. A dear lady who helped us when we were just young newleyweds 
I know it's the circle of life. But it's still hard to understand. 
Sending love out to the world 
See ya


  1. So sorry about the loss of your neighbor. You are going to have a bran new house in no time. Looks great so far. Hope the tile person gets the job done fast. Hard to wait on washing.

  2. I like the new, and I understand why you are anxious to get it done. I am not a fan of remodeling.
    Sorry about your neighbor, true about the circle, BUT, sometimes we wish it were a little bigger.