Monday, July 6, 2015

The weekend that was

Fridaynight and we went to the footy. We were very lucky as I got free tickets from a beautiful soul on a Facebook group for our beloved team. Great seats right in the middle of the cheer squad. Hubby was given a huge flag to wave and he had a ball lol 
The boys huddle before the game. We didn't win but they fought to the end. Well done boys 
Then we had a first birthday to go to. And I got to play with this cutie. He is just over four months old 
I also started to jazz the back up and give it the Ange touch lol I love bits and bobs don't you 
So that was our weekend. How was yours?
See ya xx


  1. Looks like a pleasant weekend! Did Hubby get to keep the flag? :)
    What a cuddly cutie!
    Ah - bits and bobs - to a point, you have a ways to go yet before it's too much. Nice prayer flags.

    We sat home, it rained, son came, it rained, neighbors shot off fireworks, it rained. :)

    1. Unfortunatey Sharon. No he didn't but I got a great pic of him with it. I hope the rain stops for you soon xxx