Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Then and now

Two angles of the new pergola area. This from my sewing room window 
You can see the dogs had excavated a huge hole and the trees and overgrown and the path was unusable. It was terrible trying to get to the tap and it just looked messy and dirty and when it rained there was so much mud 
Here it is from the other side. We had cut the trees by this one, but you can really see the hole! 
The veranda was falling apart and it all looked old and really in need of TLC
what a difference it has made. All this space and since its been raining buckets the last three days it's still clean and is a joy to look at 
I'm so very happy with how it turned out
It was well overdue
Now. Looking forward to the next stage. 
Just you wait and see! 
See ya


  1. Major change for the good! It won't be long and you won't remember what it was like - keep the before shots - just in case. LOL! I love it!