Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rainy day

The weather today is not delightful. It's raining so any chance if splitting more firewood is gone. I'm not silly enough to do it in the rain.
Yesterday hubby drove me almost an hour to find  the shop I found on the Internet. It was the only one with a setting I liked. 
I didn't want a modern looking one that every hardware and furniture shop had. I wanted to be different 
So here it is a little bit of the Mediterranean in my back yard. Slightly more than I wanted to spend but it will be kept for a very long time 
Can't you just see me sitting here with a glass of wine enjoying the fruits of my labours. Admiring my gardens. Yup me too 
Stay warm and dry all those living in the arctic blast zone. And everyone enjoy the rest of the weekend 
See ya

1 comment:

  1. The rainy day is giving you a day of resting that leg.
    Love your patios set, gorgeous! Looks like it will stand up for a long time, good choice.