Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Garden update

Here are our avocado trees. We moved them under the back porch to protect them from frosts. There is new growth which is very exciting. 
Also new growth on the lavender and even a flower 
The citrus trees are shooting and if you look at the far tip you will see flowers 
The tamarillo tree is going great. And I planted bulbs around it which have already come up 
Maybe a sign of an early spring?
A baby broccoli can't wait to start eating these 
Our onions and leaks. 
Silverbeet, or char as some call it. I've been growing it to feed to the chickens over winter. But we love it too! 
The girls love it they always come running when they see me coming from th gardens 
Also give them mixed grain. They are not laying right now. Not enough daylight. But after a few weeks they usually start to produce again. I've had these girls for over four years now. Love my chooks 
So although we have just has the winter solstice the garden is still producing and there is always something new popping up. 
How is your garden going?
See ya xxx


  1. I am as green as your garden! Your new little trees seem to be taking off. I'll bet the chickens really appreciate the goodies you give them!

  2. Light is returning to your corner of the world! Beautiful chicks and garden!

  3. Angela your garden is looking fantastic! Our chooks are not laying either, wont be long though as the days get longer again.