Sunday, June 5, 2016

Not your average Saturday night

So there hubby and I were. Sitting down watching some football on th television when bam! Things changed drastically 
We Heard running footsteps and someone yelling and then a knock at the front door with a torchlight coming in through the glass. Let me tell you k hit the panic button. Living in a rural area with minimal lighting no one runs and starts banging on doors. This was not going to be good news 
Turns out it was our next door neighbour. He had heard noises in our workshop and came out to investigate and smelled smoke. He knew that wasn't good. So he came running over to tell us. 
So while he and hubby raced back to th shed I called the fire brigade 
Luckily we always have fire extinguishers and hubby was able to put it out and have the shed open and all the smoke was coming out before the fire trucks got here. 
Thank god not much damaged. The fire trucks were very quick as the fire brigade is literally up the road 
So thanks to the quick thinking neighbour, or always being prepared attitude and the fire brigade the emergency was over literally before it could start. Being a workshop it would of been so much worse. 
Looks like it was and electrical problem that started it but for now just grateful no one was hurt and the business was saved 
Let me tell You. It took hours befor I could go to sleep last night 
Stay safe everyone things change in a flash 
See ya xxx


  1. Wow, I am so glad the neighbor was aware of it. And so happy it was put out fast. I know that was scary for you.

  2. No, definitely not your run of the mill Saturday night. So glad there wasn't more damage and you guys are safe. Bless your neighbor.

  3. Scary stuff! What a great neighbour and so aware and observant. So good that damage was minor.