Sunday, June 19, 2016

A blessed day

My beautiful granddaughter on her christening day. She was so good. 
Here is my daughter with her bubba and our priest. We are Greek Orthodox and although we don't go to church everyday. My daughter decided she wanted her baby baptised in our church. 
Here is phoebe with melody. She is her godmother. Don't they look adorable   So a big day. A new member of the church and A strengthening of family bonds.  Doesn't get any better really. 
Memories made to cherish. 
See ya 


  1. Precious, precious! A blessed day, for sure!

  2. Awe, She is so beautiful. It is good she chose to do this. My kids were christened too.

  3. I know all about Greek orthodox baptisms lol. They are probably a bit noisier here. Very festive occasions. May she live as long as the highest they say here.

  4. She is precious! Such a cute little face! May she lead a blessed life!

  5. Thanks everyone. She is the light of my life xx