Sunday, June 12, 2016

Finally finished!

Today I finally finished all four squares for my blanket.   Layed them all down on the floor and started to join them. Bella was quality control and watched carefully, making sure I didn't make any errors 
I used the flat braid method to join and once started it actually went quickly and smoothly. 
And then I finished off with a single crochet all around. And viola! 
It's done. And just in time. Tonight is going to drop to around 3 degrees so hubby has already claimed it and is snuggling under it as I type. 
So very grateful it's finally finished so now I can start something else 
Oh the possibilities!
See ya xxxx


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! You do such nice even work. Your choice of that variegated yarn was spot on. Love it.

    1. Thank you. Not normal a colour I'd used. But I just really liked it.

  2. Beautiful! Loads of work and a wonderful result. Bravo!