Thursday, June 16, 2016

I'm MacGyver

My basket handle was falling apart. Yarn was getting caught and it was hurting my hands to hold it. So I thought and I did a MacGyver. 
I saw this at Aldi and thought that will fix it. And I got the clear so we could still see the handle through it. 
I didn't get a before shot. But you can see the handle has bits missing and other bits were sticking out. 
It's all nice and smooth now and much nicer to hold. So for less than a cup of coffee I fix my problem and saved my basket. 
Now. What can MacGyver next!
See ya xxx


  1. Nice work crafty lady! I hope you are well! Brightest blessings from around the world!

  2. Clever lady :). Is it like a clear duct tape?

    1. Don't really know how to describe it. It does smell palsticie. I'd say because it is water proof and safe for electrical works. But I think I may go and get more.

  3. That turned out great. I do not know if we have that here. I will have to look. I bet it would fix many things.

  4. Good job. Sometimes a person isn't willing to get rid of a favorite whatever. Nice that you found this tape, I wonder if our Aldi will have it?

  5. Good old Aussie resourcefulness. Lovely when you can prolong the life of something useful....and aesthetically pleasing lol