Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wool mills

Today our knitting group hired the community bus and headed off to bendigo. My hubby was our official driver. 
There is a Marilyn Monroe exhibition on at the moment and this statue is in th park in the middle of town. We didn't stop. But I go was able to get this pic from the bus 
Here is Shirley looking for bargains in the back room. 
It's all decorated with crochet bunting. Looks very festive 
Phil and Barb paying for their purchases. 
Janice looking at the patterns 
And some of the girls siting outside soaking in th sun after their spending spree in the shop 
We had lunch at the Beechworth bakery and then headed home. It was a very long day and by the time we got back into Melbourne we hit peak our traffic   So very glad hubby offered to drive. Shirley and I had said we would share the driving. But we were so tired by the end of the day and the traffic was so bad. We know we would of had anxiety attacks 
So thanks to my hubby Don for being an awesome guy. Taking the day off work so he could drive us all. 
He is rather good isn't it 
See ya xxx


  1. Your husband is a keeper, for sure!
    In my yarn days - you would have had to drag me out of there. What a great place. Sounds like a very good day!

  2. The place must be full of bloggers - Maria from The Next Stage ( Was there the other day. She came all the way from Queensland lol

  3. Sounds like a perfect day Angela!!