Friday, January 27, 2017

Keeping busy

Life has settled into routine again after the whirlwind of Christmas and new year 
I've started a baby surprise jacket for the munchkin. In the the footyball colours of the team 
Her daddy follows. It's the mortal enemy of my team. But I did it. Because I'm a nice grandma! 
She will be able to wear it this season and stay nice and warm as it's 100% wool
I did want it big so she can get a couple of season from it. But it's looking like it's going to be huge lol oh well. It will be nice and warm like a sleeping bag lol 

Here is my bike. I waited until hubby was able to be with me for my first time on it. I was very nervous. 
But I got on and just took off and I've ridden it a few times with no trouble 
So now it's just building up stamina and muscles that I haven't used in a long time. 
Hopefully it won't be long and I'll be cruising around all over the place 

So between relearning to ride a bike, knitting and still doing the big clean we have been busy 
But loving life
How about you?  What's going on at your place? 
See ya xxx


  1. Nice jacket! Your son will appreciate the act, I'm sure.
    I love your bike! It may take a little time, but you will be riding and enjoying some good long rides. Enjoy!

    1. It's my son in law. That makes me a great mother in law I think lol thank you xx

  2. I am at this stage for riding a bike. I am very aware of getting sore legs and butt and this turns me off a little. But it is something I want to do, so I will push through the discomfort as best I can lol!

    Lovely little jacket. Would look better in Crows colours though! ;)


    1. I think collingwood colours are the best. But that's just me lol.
      Yup pushing through the pain. Going very slowly xx

  3. Hi Angela, the jacket is gorgeous and, yes, wool is always so warm. Ha ha, I used to get bigger things to allow for extra wears - it works, and good for you ;D)
    Your bike looks lovely, as does the garden and surrounding area. Bet you're still looking at all beaut things you've achieved out there.
    Happy bike riding, your muscles will come round ok! Bye now

  4. You are doing a wonderful job. I am not good enough to do more than blankets and scars with knitting. Crochet I do better with. I am almost finished with a blanket for the new baby. And you saw the sleeping bag I think.
    I am glad you are trying to ride. I have a bike, but it gets no use. Not easy for me. So best wishes for you. Hope you do well. :)