Saturday, January 7, 2017

50. A new beginning


A few days ago I turned the big five O
Yup. I've clocked my half century!

As you have seen. It's like a new book is being written for me 
 I've been clearing and reorganising, and even rebuilding. 

I started with myself and have included the house. Outside has been going great. 
Today I started and almost finished the craft room 
The biggest WIP. Is, was and will always be me 

As a child growing up. I never owned my own bike. 
We had one that we shared. But mainly it was my brothers. 
So like phoebe in friends I always wanted one. 
So hubby bought me one for my birthday. 

Off we went and I picked one I liked and I got to add what I wanted. So of course it has to have a basket 
I even got a helmet. Even though I don't want to wear one. I have to. It's the law. And well it's for my safety 

So today it was ready to pick up. 
And here she is! 

Isn't it great. 
Now I have to relearn to ride. Going to practice on a slightly cooler day in the driveway 
And hopefully before long I'll be riding all over the neighbourhood 

I'm very happy.  
See ya 


  1. That is awesome. You will be cruising the neighborhood in no time. :)

  2. Beautiful bike. Hope you really enjoy it once you get going. Kronia polla!! Good luck on the clean up.

  3. It's definitely a great looking bike Angela. Nice, roomy basket too. It'll be really good fun combined with getting fit. Enjoy your very own bike ownership :D)

  4. Classy ride! It won't take you any time to get used to riding again. That helmet in the heat - ugh! I'll bet you will enjoy it more now, than when you were a kid.

  5. Congratulations on your 50th Angela! 🎉🎂💕🍾. I love your new bike and I'll bet you'll have lots of fun with it!

  6. Welcome to the 50's club Angela!

    Snap! I bought one of these this week too! Same with me, I have to re learn the skills of bike riding :) I have a basket just like that one too, but no holder on the back.