Thursday, January 12, 2017

Keeping busy

Morning all. 
I have been keeping busy continuing with the big clean up and clear out 
The craft room was a MESS. Didn't get before shots but omg. Could hardly walk into the place 
I decided no more procrastinating and just get stuck in 
So on went the 80's music and I got stuck in 

Furniture was moved and everything was cleaned. In this wicker storage box I have all my excess yarn. I used those bags that you vacuum out all the air 
I fitted a lot of yarn in that way! 
My corner is all niceand neat and ready to work in. During summer this room gets hot. Not as bad as before the outside room was made 
But in the extreme heat of our summers it still gets stuffy.  But I will be able to use it again very soon 
In the meantime I'm busy making wash cloths that my daughter asked me for her baby 
This cotton is soft and gentle on sensitive skin. 
She had turned into an earthmama too! 
Perfect project for the hotter months 
And outside I have planted new slimmer pots and moved the ones that I did have to the area near the new garden 
So slowly I'm making progress. 
I've been Good and not pushed. I've just concentrated on one job at a time and then I've rested. So I haven't crashed
But I am feeling sore and tired 
So I have rest days in between 
How are things in your world?
Hope all is well 
See ya xxx


  1. Heavens, you really must have a lot of yarn! At least cotton is fine to knit in the summer. Great job well done in your craft room. Like the tall pots outside

  2. Hi Angela, you've done good eh!
    I like those lovely big wicker chairs in your crafty corner. It looks so comfy and inviting and you've everything to hand.
    Isn't it a beaut feeling after a good clear up.
    Those pots look real nice out under the verandah.
    The wash cloths are pretty - definitely a nice project for the summer temps.
    It's hard sometimes to pace yourself isn't it, I've had to learn that lesson too. Keep well.
    Cheers now :D)

  3. A job well done! I always make a mess when I clean up and sort. It looks like you had a big job. Cotton knits up the best wash cloths, nice color for the babe! You have got to feel whipped.

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  5. Procrastinate is something I been doing about our dinning room table. I never get it real clean off. So it always look clutter.
    Nice looking cloth.
    Coffee is on