Saturday, January 21, 2017

Garden makeover continue

Today we started work on the other side of the  front porch
 It was pretty over grown

Hubby started with his chain saw 
And turned this 
Into this 
Then we cleared all the mess and any weeds and removed the old timber boarder 
So tomorrow we will go and get the new timber   Reboarder the garden and I'll plant and mulch it all. 
And that will be part two done 
We will hAve a little rest before part three I think 
But you never know lol
Stay tuned for the final reveal tomorrow 
See ya xxx



  1. Clean and clear. Big difference. Job well done

  2. Ahh that looks better! You even have a view :)


  3. Nothing going on here because of snow or lease we're using it as an excuse.
    Coffee is on

  4. Wish DH would get busy pruning back some things.
    Looking good!

  5. Such a difference - good pruning! Those weeds and things really multiply when they're covered up by low tree branches don't they. You'll find it's so much easier to whip out any who start getting ideas about growing back too (branches and weeds ha ha).
    Have a great day out there today... and will look forward to your reveal photos.
    Cheers Angela, enjoy your gardening :D)