Monday, January 30, 2017

Fast food. Home style


You know those days when time just gets away from you. 
When suddenly you realise omg. What am I going to make for dinner 
Well if your like me you will create magic 

First you pull out one frozen spicy pumping soup that you prepared months ago 
Then you pull out one frozen grilled peppers. Remember when a nice farmer gave you a whole box full. 
And one cup rice. 

Grab your rice cooker and cut up your peppers and place into the cooker
Add rice and water 
Turn on 

In microwave defrost and heat up soup 

When soup and rice is cooked combine
Serve with toast 

Crisis averted 
See ya xxx


  1. That's a good way to use the rice cooker - kind of sets me thinking... good one Angela!
    Your Spicy pumpkin soup sounds delicious too.
    Together they made a great meal - cheers :D)

  2. Sounds perfect to me but certain other people might just complain. Food quickly made is not good food. Yes, I have actually heard that.
    Love pumpkin and with the rice and peppers, can't be anything but delicious!

    1. Ahhhh but it's not quickly made. It was made in the slow cooker and then snap frozen.
      Lol. I wouldn't tell him.

  3. I looks delicious! Think I'd like some now.