Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tweaking the set up

We are planning on a month long holiday up north. Wayyyyy up north near the gulf in the Northern Territory 
Having spent the weekend away a few weeks ago. I knew I needed to set things up differently 
So here is the bones of my outdoor kitchen  I'll also have a table set up nest to it for prep and all utensils and cooking apparatus will be kept in tubs and set up in the cupboard or just will be sitting on the prep bench 
This will be easy to set up. Easy access and much easier to keep things clean. Sealed in tubs that famous red dust from Australia's centre won't get all over it 
It really gets into everything! 

This is my bargain of the week. A quick shade with sides!
Anyone how knows anything about Australia knows our flys are thick and annoying. Especially in the outback!
Only $129 from Aldi and it will save my Sanity. I'll be able to sit and craft, read and eat all without doing the famous Aussie salute. 
Our new shower tent. It's one of those quick set up ones that spring open. Only problem is they are a pain to pack up 
Which is why I didn't go for it the first time. But after watching hubby trying to read the instructions and not getting anywhere. I decided to consult trusty you tube 
A couple of videos later and we are experts at folding it away. I've saved them and will Practice some closer to departure. 
So slowly I'm getting organised. Trying to slimline and make things easier for us oldies 
And hopefully make it a much nicer experience for us 
What about you guys. Any advice for us? 
See ya xxx


  1. Your kitchen looks pretty good. The screen shade will be very handy. That shower thing would make me claustrophobic. Think I would find a campground with on site showers ... :-) Have fun!

    1. No showers in the outback lol just swimming holes you might meet a croc in

  2. That is awesome. I look forward to your new adventure. I like the screen tent. It would come in handy in the yard too. Your cooking should go well with all that organized too.

  3. You are real veterans. If you're going on holiday you must be comfortable!! Only in Australia??? a tent room to keep out the flies.
    Red dust, flies, redbacks on the toilet seat, snakes in your boots....hardy campers!!