Saturday, February 3, 2018

A busy weekend

Mum and dad are off to Canberra for a wedding this weekend. So I came to stay with grandma and grandpa 
I was dropped off on Thursday morning and have made new friends already. 
Grandma has two new kittens. And we all are th best of friends 

I’ve been building with giant Lego blocks with grandpa 
But the best part is when it’s done I knock it over and we start again 
But sometimes I just chill and watch some TV 
I’ve kept my grandma so very busy. She is tried but as she loves me so much she doesn’t mind 
I’m such a good girl. I sleep 12 hours a night so she at least gets a good nights sleep 
I’ll be going home on Sunday night 
So still lots of time to play and have fun
We hope you have fun this weekend too
See ya xx


  1. Kiddo you're having a bonza time there. Good job those oldies are looking after you so well. Keep knocking those blocks!

    Ps grandma, have you seen all those kids programmes and films so many times you know them off by heart? Barbie, Madagascar, Frozen, the little mermaid. You name it, I've seen it lol!

    1. Lol. Not into films just yet. She loves shows like Dora the explorer, rusty rivets, Peppa pig and the best one of all. In the night garden. After a bath and a drink of milk it helps put her to sleep in my lap and then I just put her in the cot. It’s wonderful

  2. So fun, but so tiring. :-)
    It's not the same when there is more than one.

    1. I’m hoping that if I need to look after the two for overnights. Melody I’ll be old enough that she will help keep her little sister amused and busy.
      But she isn’t due to make an appearance until early May! So a little while yet

  3. Hi Angela, am back to blogging and catching up with everyone.
    You have a beautiful granddaughter there, so cute and how good that she sleeps 12 hrs! Cant ask better than that.
    Have fun and my good wishes for the coming week :D)

  4. My but I'm impressed. There would have been no way that I could have written a blog post before I was potty trained--or, come to think of it, for many years afterwards.

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