Friday, February 9, 2018

Jerilderie day one

Day one 
We left Home around one in the afternoon.  We still made good time and have stopped at Jerilderie for the night 
It’s pretty hot here. And it’s coming to get hotter as we head north
Luckily we have air con in the car. 
And in our van! 
Camping in a caravan park with power does have its advantages 
We have had our dinner and soon I’ll shower and go to bed 
A huge day tomorrow 
Have fun everyone 
I hope to update again tomorrow night 
See ya xxx


  1. A camper van with air con. My sort of holiday! A loo as well would be a definite necessity. You look a relaxed and a happy lot of campers

    1. We have a loin the van. But only for emergencies
      There are shower blocks in the caravan park and if outback camping well there are lots of trees! Lol
      Having an indoor shower is a bonus too

  2. You're certainly on your way. No need for air con back here in Kilsyth last night - a little scramble for the blankets was needed. Definitely cool!
    Hope you parked away from others if you had your cooling on - nothing worse than a constant noise that you can't do anything about. Definitely doesn't make you feel cool lol

    1. It has started to cool off when we left. I was sad. I like it cooler rather than warmer
      But I’m sure I’ll enjoy the beaches once I’m there

  3. Looking forward for some out door activities

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