Friday, February 16, 2018

Parkes and the dish

Tonight we ar staying in Parkes in NSW

I have been through this town many times. And always see this massive telescope 
But I have never stopped in and visited. 

So today we made the effort and I loved it 
I’m a little bit of a geek, I just don’t have the brains lol 
Love anything to do with space. 
The telescope is still a working telescope and it’s always monitoring the cosmos. 
While at the dish, we need to keep our phone on airplane mode so as not to interfere with the monitoring 
An interesting fact about the apples trees on the property. 
It makes science come to life. 
If ever in the area and you get a chance to visit. Do. 
It’s very interesting and there is even a few 3D movies you can see for only $7.50
In a few days I will be home 
Looking forward to that. 
It’s been a very nice short break 
See ya xxx


  1. Is that The Dish from the movie? How exciting.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. I live near Parkes, and so pleased that you enjoyed your visit to the Telescope, unfortunately the weather here has been very hot and dry and the countryside is not looking it's best.

    1. It was nice when we were there. But traveling up a week earlier that whole region was very hot.
      Way too hot for me!

  3. Did you try the reflective voice dish in the front garden? You speak in one and the person on the other side of the garden hears you. Good fun. Visited last year. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Sunshine Coast, the weather finally cooled by Monday- nice rain now. Safe drive home Erin

    1. No I missed that. Might have to visit again one day xx