Friday, February 23, 2018

Time to pay the fiddler

After spending many hours, days, in the car. I came home to lots of body aches and pains 
Luckily I had my massage, torture, booked on the second day I was home 
Oh my.  Was I broken. 
I don’t think there is a part of my body she didn’t have to beat up to get back into how it’s supposed to be 

Also the pain has prevented me from sleeping, getting worse last night as hubby was away. 
So now I’m sore and tired. So very tired. 
I didn’t swim this morning and slept in, as I didn’t actually sleep till around three this morning 
Our government, in their wisdom, has decided to take away the meds that worked from us, and made it now only possible to purchase 
After going to the doctors to get a prescription. 
So even the ability to take those meds, to help get over a flair, has been taken away from me 

So this morning I have spent it in bed reading, 
But I have to get up soon as even sitting and resting will hurt in diff parts of the body 
I’ll get up shower and take it easy the rest of the day 

Hubby will be home round three this  afternoon and hopefully with him home, and my resting, I’ll be able to sleep tonight 
And wake up nice and refreshed tomorrow 
Well as good as I can be for me 

I figure that no matter what I do I will always have some level of pain, so I might as well do what I have to, live while I can, and deal with th consequences as best as I can. 

I hope your all well and life is good for you 
See ya xxx


  1. Hello Angela,

    By the sound of what you said,you may be talking about pain meds and Oxycontin? My brother has had CFS and Fibromyalgia for many years. Your situation sounds familiar. Made worse by inability to sleep. Have a good rest up, and go gently. Regards Robyne S.A

    1. No not on OxyContin. Yes I have both CFS and fibromyalgia. I have just been taking mersyndol over the counter and it’s been working for me. As well as doing other things to help me.
      Now the government has taken that away from me too
      I hope your brother is doing well. Thanks for your lovely comment xxx

  2. Oh boy! I hope you really do feel able to cope with it all once hubby is home. I thought the govt would be more enlightened down there. Hope you find some long term solution.
    Won't your doc prescribe them?

    1. I have only just found a doctor who knows anything about these illnesses. She actually was impressed I had been able to deal with it for so long on my own. She said to continue going as I had, as in the long term it would be better for my health. But the day is coming, I think, that I will have to get prescriptions for strong pain meds. Just for breakthrough pain

  3. I hope you feel a bit better soon, nothing worse than living in pain all the time......

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